Tori D'Olivo

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South Dance Company Director
Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop

Victoria grew up in North Kingstown, RI where she began her dance training with The Talent Factory at 13 years old.  Shortly after, she began dancing competitively with their dance company where she took classes from professional choreographers like Doug Caldwell, Mandy Moore, Joe Lanteri, Andy Blankenbuehler, Dana Wilson, Joey Dowling and Scott Jovovich. After graduating from North Kingstown High School in 2010, Victoria briefly studied Nutrition and Psychology at the University of Rhode Island before transitioning to teaching and managing full time at The Talent Factory. Through the opportunities offered there, Victoria was able to further her training by taking master classes with choreographers like Andy Pellick, Suzi Taylor, Will Wingfield, Corey Snide, Jeff Lapes, Teddy Forance and Cindy Salgado. In early 2018, Victoria began studying holistic nutrition at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Upon graduation, she hopes to merge her two loves of dance and nutrition by creating a health program for dancers. Victoria recently accepted a position to direct the 1st Talent Factory South Dance Company and could not be more excited to share her passion for dance with these young dancers.


The Talent Factory Reviews

Hi Dana,

I just wanted to tell you what a great experience I had observing this week!! 

Backing up a bit, when we were carefully selecting which studio we were moving to, Taylor participated in a camp week last summer (2012).   Even though you were in a temporary studio, the atmosphere was exactly what I hoped it would be.  Everyone was so friendly and truly passionate about dance. It was fun and serious at the same time. We were hooked. 


Last year she grew so much as a dancer thanks to the dedication of you and your staff. I felt like she was so far behind other dancers of her age when she started. Although she still has so much to learn, I am amazed at how far she has come. Not only has her skill improved but her love of dance is immeasurable. I can't thank you all enough, especially Miss Keryn, who has totally transformed my little girl. 


So, to my point, this is my first time ever observing classes. I can't tell you how much this week affirmed my choice to become a part of TFDC. The classes were very professional, organized and effective.  But what I knew in my heart, I finally saw with my own eyes. Every teacher was so passionate and really cares about every student.  Their energy and enthusiasm was so intense that I wanted to dance!! Lol. Miss Tara, Miss Keryn, Miss Kayla & yourself are truly special people. 

I'm so glad I finally took the time to sit in on classes and was able to feel the pure joy that she does for dance. What an amazing program and we are thrilled to be a part of it all. Thank you for all you do. 

Thank YOU. The hard work, talent and caring you and your staff put into everything you do is apparent and appreciated. Looking forward to next year's show! -June
Dana: Thank you for doing such a great job. You are really very gifted at your art. You push the kids to reach their best during the year and then are so supportive during the recital. You are complete grace under pressure. Enjoy some relaxation -Amy
THANK YOU for all your hard work in putting together yet ANOTHER fab recital. It's really so amazing to watch it all come together so "professionally"! -Cathy
The show was extremely professional and ran so smoothly it was amazing. I credit you and thank you for providing a wonderful experience for our family.
Thank you for all that you and your staff do! Talent factory is such a great place for to grow up and we feel so lucky. Thank you for all you offer our daughters.